B1.3 – Adult threshold level 3 (regular)

  • Duration: 8 weeks

First theme of this last course of level B1: citizenship. We are going to tackle the theme of commitment and justice. The subjects studied are: naturalization, police, justice, thriller, citizen’s rights and duties, civic service, biography of a reporter.

For the second theme ‘Cultured pearls’, we are going to discuss around Art and History. The subjects studied are: photography, painting, the novel, the museum, world history, medieval art, May ’68.

In conclusion of level B1, the last theme concerns international trade. We will exchange on Europe and globalization. The subjects studied are: the CAP, economic globalization, the European Parliament, world food, European citizenship, the European Union and UNESCO.



  • Unit 5 : Le français dans le monde
  • Unit 6 : Médias en masse


CERTIFICATE : Proof of attendance

Rythm 4h/week
Days Wenesday (17:30-19:30) & Friday (17:30-20:30)
Duration 32h
Dates 16/09/2020 – 30/10/2020


350,00 €
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